The Cult of Ancestors. The Power of Our Blood

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    ISBN 978-5-9573-3559-7

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    The Cult of Ancestors. The Power of Our Blood

    The Cult of Ancestors is the long-awaited debut book by the winner of the sixteenth season of 'Battle of the Psychics' - Viktoria Raidos. The author discusses how the actions of distant ancestors continue to influence our destiny today. She also answers the most important question: Is it possible to change what is literally 'written in the family?'
    The ability to learn from mistakes and to improve is the basis of both biological and spiritual evolution. One of the most important human tools to help achieve this is conscious attention on the themes of our destiny. This is very important in relation to the history of the family: direct ancestors act on a person automatically, and in order to somehow change their influence you must first understand them. The influence of distant ancestors, on the other hand, and the help they can give is almost impossible to feel and receive without knowledge of them and their fates.
    Usually, in order to act correctly, you need to understand who you are and where you are. Victoria is convinced that, in many ways, this understanding comes from a kind of knowledge gained through the history of your ancestors. The force that has been transmitted over centuries from one generation to the next, which is located in your physiology and psyche, develops into certain themes that affect your very life.
    If you learn to see and change these stories, you will learn to change your destiny.


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