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Dear Friends in the Book World,

We are in the publishing business here at Ves Publishing. However, we prefer to think that we are providing a place where authors can dialog with readers. A place where knowledge and experience flows from those who have it to those who need it.

Our company has gathered together people who are all focused on a common purpose. We are all very different, by education, by age group, by character and by how we relax and what attracts us. But it is precisely this variety which has created in the end that exquisite bouquet of world perception, which forms our free style of behavior and relations between people in the process of developing our business.

We deliberately choose and publish those authors, who, using their unique qualities throughout their lives, have acquired the true means and methods of self-knowledge and self-realization. Sharing similar experiences among our readers, we sincerely wish the largest majority of people to believe in themselves and to begin to embody a creative beginning and to take a wise and thrifty approach to their own lives, the lives of those around them and the society in which we live. The more people like that there are in our society, the freer, more joyous, and more full-bodied our lives will be.

Peter Lisovsky


History of Our Company. Aims of Its Activity and Our Work Principles

Ves Publishing has been active in the Russian book publishing market for more than nine years. It has grown from the reorganized publishing company, “Complekt”, founded in 1992 as the first Russian publishing house to be concerned solely with such themes as “the Esoteric” and “Alternative Medicine.”

Throughout the period of its existence, Ves Publishing has had the experience of working in various thematic niches: calendars, computer literature, books on cuisine and gardening, reference works on various topics, books on psychology and economics, children’s literature, scholarly works, esoteric literature and encyclopedic works. Personal interests of the directors, successful experiences and finds in the areas of esoterica, applied psychology, and alternative medicine, as well as Ves’ specialization in the area of edition publishing – all serve to guarantee the publishing house’s position in the market, and have become the reasons why we have concentrated our attention on these three directions.

Our marketing policy is based on the principle of simultaneous representation of a title in the form of a product line by means of creating its additional versions and modifications. We publish books in various cover formats (soft cover, hard cover and integrated (semi-hard) cover), designs and layouts. This allows us to satisfy demands of various groups of consumers living in the Russian Federation. A part of our business is concerned with books on CD and audio editions.

In the area of our sales policy, we follow the aim of constantly widening our markets and increasing the presence of our products, both in already existing channels and in new segments. With this aim in mind, our sales department has worked out and successfully applies a flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each client.

One of the company’s tasks is the formation of our own network of sales offices throughout Russia, in cities with a population of more than one million. February 2005 saw the opening of our Moscow branch, and our branch in Nizhni Novgorod has been operating successfully since February, 2006.

The editorial body of Ves Publishing conducts active work in the monitoring of Russian and foreign markets, and is always on the lookout for interesting ideas that would be timely for our reading audience, and their subsequent realization as projects and series.

Also continuing is systematic work on selling publishing rights abroad for our best books The list of our partners includes UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Japan, Israel, China, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia.

Our price list today includes about 2,000 titles, of which about 600 are our books, the rest are books of other publishers.

As of July, 2007, 81 people were employed at Ves Publishing.


Our Ideology

Traditionally, ideas which shine through the literature that our publishing house releases are called esoteric ideas. We are often asked: “But what exactly do you mean by esoteric?”

How can you define love?...Life? Whatever might be said and written about these in “the great wide world” – all would be nothing but someone’s opinions and subjective experiences. One possibility out of the millions and millions of variations. Nothing more. The esoteric, as a hidden teaching and secret knowledge, also comes from a host of such understandings. Secret and hidden – not at all because its attainment is the lot of a selected few. No. It is simply secret and hidden because time is required for it to open up and become visible. And this time will be separate for each individual person. Separate – just like one’s own life Path and priceless experiences, acquired through the course of one’s existence on the planet…There’s only one condition, one thing that is clear – any aim becomes achievable only through movement. And movement…Movement is Life.

This is precisely why we consider continual movement to be the fundamental direction of our development.

As publishers, we are also following our Path. We don’t compare ourselves with anybody, and don’t ask anyone whether or not what we are doing is correct – we accept life as a marvelous experiment, which we verify over and over again as time goes on.

We believe that God is Love.

We think that consciousness is a unified space, which connects us all with one another.

We say that the soul is not a physiological peculiarity of the human body, but the reason for its very existence.

In our publishing projects, we strive to manifest this world view in a friendly way, naturally, in a fresh, warm and witty manner.

Each one of us is an individual entity and therefore we are not disposed to put on anybody orders and rules of “the right way to live in this world.” We are open to new ways and we are learning how to be free from doctrines and other limitations.

In all this, we are continually grateful to all people who we meet on the Path – to our authors and associates. Just as we do, they also don’t get stuck in the framework of their own narrow specializations, and they don’t think in categories of “this cannot be”, but they think in categories of “and what if…..” These are people who are curious about life and have a love of knowledge, who love to live and love life itself.

And we are all happy when, through our books, we succeed in helping the reader find his way to himself – to his own harmonious, happy, healthy and integrated self.

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